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Goody Bag Luxury Batik
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Sell Goody Bag Luxury Batik

Specification of Goody Bag Luxury Batik

This batik goody bag looks luxurious with a combination of your choice of batik.

a variety of national seminar events, training, musda and official activities suitable to use this batik goody bag handbag

as for the specifications of the batik goody bag handbag code: TS-13 is as follows:

Size 28.5 x 8.5 x 36.5 cm
Derby material
1 main compartment
Suitable for meetings and seminars
This Exclusive Batik Souvenir Bag will add to the impression of your company / agency

the listed price is a special wholesale minimum order of 100 pcs

You need a wholesale souvenir bag batik Other Models and Handbags with your own design? We will calculate your Estimated Needs, Consult the needs of your Bags to the Expert Esprobags!
We are experienced serving online orders from all over Indonesia

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