A backpack is a container or place that is worn on a person's back and is protected by two straps extending vertically over the shoulder, but there are also exceptions, for example backpacks made for light objects usually only need 1 rope. The backpack is used by the wearer to make it easier to carry the luggage you want as needed. The technology used is also specially formulated according to the needs of the wearer.
Backpacks are usually preferred over a clutch (clutch) to lift heavy objects, because of the limited weight to lift heavy objects for a long time. Imagine if you use a clutch (hand bag) that relies on the ability of the hand to hold the load, it certainly will not be able and will occur lame. Large backpacks can lift heavy loads up to 10 kg, usually relying on the weight of most of their bodies, using hip strength and leaving the strength of the shoulders to stabilize the load, because the hips are stronger than the shoulders, and increase balance.
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