Medical first aid backpack RKS-911
Medical first aid backpack RKS-911
Medical first aid backpack RKS-911
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Medical First Aid Backpack

Esprobags Trusted Online duffel bag Industry in Indonesia is located in the Tanggulangin Sidoarjo, East Java.

Medical first aid backpack RKS-911 Espro used commonly for health practitioners such as PMI, SAR, Tagana or individuals.

There is a wide selection of colors that can be chosen according to the theme, and added a logo screen printing/embroidery.

The bag we produce can be customized with your company's needs.

Medical first aid backpack RKS-911Guaranteed 100% Production Espro


Medical first aid Backpack specifications RKS-911: Espro

Almost similar to DL-911, but only the bag back.

In the same section. This bag has 1 main compartment is drier and there are pockets in the front.

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